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Voices of TruthTM, the educational arm of other than a bandadie productions, llc, advances the message of recovery from the devastating affects of abortion and childhood sexual abuse through  broadcasts, media, city-wide events, small group gatherings, speaking engagements and printed publications; advocating healthy living through bible-based support groups and liberating voices of experience through community involvement.
                           Truth:  We all make mistakes.

                                                            Some big. Some small.


                                               Truth:  Child loss through 

                                                             choice hurts everyone.


                                               Truth:  Telling your story is the
                                                             first step to healing.
                                              Truth:  Our experiences are never at 
                                                           the mercy of just an argument.
  We all talk about the right to choose but so few people talk about the choice. Until we become a voice of truth, others will suffer through their false hope in and beliefs about abortion.



 ."voices of experience will change America and end abortion."


How do you take your story and share it with others? We can enrich your experience
to engage through:
                          preparing your public presence including speaking skills
                                      packaging your unique style for media presentations & relations
 promoting your products through publicity
  This all starts with you. You matter. Your story matters.  We all have a valuable story to tell.  Voices of TruthTM can help you discover the best way 
to communicate yours.
Here's just one example of my story taken from a press conference on the steps of the
US Supreme Court in January 2004:
 "I was a crazy woman with a mask on. To everyone I looked like I had it together. My husband will tell you differently, my children will tell you differently. The warning label of abortion should read 'caution: abortion can result in years of grief, physical and emotional pain, mood swings, eating disorders, low self-esteem, health and relationship problems with your spouse and children."

Federal Document Clearing House Congressional Testimony 03-03-2004
Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation

What's your ry?
Let your story be known. Help others look beyond their situation and find courage through your experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever desire to tell anyone my story. I choose to honor Him and you with the truth of my story. His story.
 Join me in telling America, the time has come for her echoing cry to change from we have the right to choose to we have the right to grieve and tell our story.
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